Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cool Website Find

In our recent "Come to Jesus" meeting (otherwise known as the "Hi.  I'm Jill.  Well, hello.  I'm Mike.  It's been nice passing in the hallway and sleeping next to you the past several weeks" conversation), Mike and I discovered that one of our areas of disconnect is the family calendar.

Let me distill that thought for you:  I carry a paper calendar.  It is usually in my purse.  A week ago, if he needed information, he tracked me down, hoped to catch me at a good time, and then got his information.  Possibly, but not always, with a side of snark.

This week?  We have COZI.

Even the name sounds awesome, yes? was the answer to our prayers.  Literally.  I was looking through that paper calendar lamenting the fact it was about to run out in July, and I saw this little note that said "I, too, could become someone acting like she lives in 2012 instead of 1912 by getting synced up online."  Actually, it didn't say THAT, but I could read between the lines.

I don't care how or why it makes sense for the Mead Corporation to move me from paper to computer, I just know I'd love to take out the executives in their company and feed them copious amounts of steak and lobster in thanks for SAVING MY MARRIAGE.

Not only do I now have a Calendar accessible from any computer/smart phone, I also have one that will allow me to assign activities for the entire family or one person at a time.

And, while I'm looking at my calendar, a handy click away is a Menu Planner, complete with recipes that download the ingredients to a Shopping List.  And not just one Shopping List, but one for the regular grocery store and one for the warehouse store and as many lists as you care to create on your own.

Are you excited yet?

But, wait!  Calm thyself.  There's more!

There are To Do Lists.  By the dozens.  Create your OWN To Do lists.  PAPERLESS, let's hug the trees, computer lists.  I currently have one for my regular "sign permission slip" stuff, one for each of the three trips we are taking this spring/summer, and one for the financial stuff I can't seem to keep straight in my head (such as "which fund did Mike and I agree that pesky annual homeowners association fee is to come from?")

Though I wouldn't use its functionality because of this blog site, there is also a place to Journal, along with a nice little spot for putting a corresponding picture, designed for people like me who take pictures, never download them, and then wonder "What event was THAT?" five years later.  Cozi Journal gives you space to write what was going on.  No picture?  No problem.  Just type your can use your creativity to picture the event in the future.

If I had one hesitation, it would be that I had a slight glitch with the To Do Lists earlier this week.  For some odd reason, they wouldn't load.

I sent a nice "please help" message to customer service and, within 36 hours, problem fixed.  It still scared me enough to print them out (sorry, trees), but now I'm back to my cozy (ha!) place and I'm not concerned about future hiccups.  The customer service folks eased all my worries by doing such an awesome, efficient fix.

Give it a look-see.  Its free.  Its cool.  Its downloadable.  Its printable.  And, one day at a time, it is saving my sanity.


*MommaJ was not compensated by Mead Corporation for this glowing endorsement, though free Mead products would be readily accepted and greatly appreciated.  Hint, hint.

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