Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Full of Worth

I caught the tail end of a radio talk show yesterday where the topic was "worth", as in what a person thinks of him/herself.  I have no idea if the actual show was any good, but the commentator leading us on to the next segment hit a home run when he said this...

"Jesus died for you.  No one would willingly choose death for something that wasn't of great worth."

Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside today.

Monday, February 18, 2013


My recap from the sermon on the First Sunday of Lent given by Bishop Sutton:

Temptation is powerful because it seems to promise happiness.  Yet that happiness is at a price:  bowing and worshipping Satan.  We need to overcome the temptation to seek happiness and seek God.  That is the spirit of Lent, to give up what we want (happiness) and seek God and what He wants--HIS happiness and joy.  If we are happier in God than in the things of this earth, Satan will ALWAYS fail.

After I recorded my notes on the bulletin, Hooman asked if he could read it.  The only word he added was "AMEN!"