Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mission Accomplished

You know it was a good party when you find the following the next day:

Bags and bags of Christmas presents under the tree, for a couple dozen children who will receive Christmas this year because of generous friends and neighbors.

CARS playing on the TV in a completely lit family room at 7am. Disney was the last channel standing after our three over-stimulated, under-hydrated, and over-fed children wandered out of the room and to their bedrooms. As usual, the last kid out didn't turn out/off anything.

But, by far, my favorite sign a party happened? I walked into the guest bedroom and found four Capri Sun foil pouches, completely emptied of their contents, in various areas...on the floor, printer, chair, and bed. The Christmas Bingo game some of the kids played looked like someone took the pieces and used them as confetti and that where they landed they stayed.

In short, it looked like a frat party for ten year olds had happened in that room.

Truly, there is no bigger blessing than giving back at the holidays. From a quarter in the Salvation Army kettle to adopting a family and providing for their needs to praying over those in need, there is no shortage of need or blessing.

And, isn't that the beauty of preparing for the Christ child? Thinking through HIS eyes, wondering what HE would do with a world in need and responding the way HE would.

Yes, I think that's the spirit of the season.


  1. So glad we could be a part. Even for just a moment.... Thank you so much for continuing this blessed tradition!

  2. So glad you could make an appearance...hope the run went well...was praying you through the rain and cold!