Monday, December 26, 2011

How Blessed Are We?

Tonight we attended the neighborhood Christmas Eve Eve Party.*

A sweet couple on our street hosts this party every year and invites the block to come enjoy time in their home.

Can you imagine having your house up to snuff the night before the night before Christmas? Much less providing a stellar meal and entertainment, vis-a-vis, an impromptu Christmas pageant put on by the kids?

Me either.

I mean, mine looks like a hurricane came through it followed closely by a garbage truck with a faulty back gate being tail-gated by a glitter blower. It ain't pretty. It ain't organized. It just ugly.

I don't live in a "normal" neighborhood, though. I live in a neighborhood where people still say "Merry Christmas" without worrying about offending anyone. I live in a neighborhood where we fess up that our kids aren't perfect and that they struggle in school and that we wish their hearts would be more in-tune to Christ's call.

In short, we live in a blessed neighborhood.

No, it's not perfect. Sure, I deal with the anxiety that "I didn't say that right" or extend the invitation to every child or could have provided a better snack.

But, there is a huge difference between being perfect and being blessed.

Being perfect is an unattainable goal. Being blessed is perfectly attainable.

And, I thank God as often as I remember, that we were placed in a community, on a street, in a house, at a time, that we are surrounded by like-minded people who hold our kids (and us, as parents) accountable.

Ours is a dying block. There aren't many streets that can claim the things I have here today. But, I am eternally grateful that the people who live here actually took the time TO PRAY for the people who would buy our house.**

So, today I give thanks for one family who brings us all together at Christmastime and reminds us that we are a community of believers. A community that supports one another and loves one another and cherishes one another in our imperfection.

We are a picture of family brought together by proximity.

Thanks be to our God, who made it so.

*Yes, this will post a couple of days after the fact. But, the thanks are still completely valid.

**That's US that they prayed in this house, ya'll!!! How cool is that????


  1. I wish we had a neighborhood like yours..we live on a cul de sac with our house being the third and the fourth is being built now. I pray so hard for the people who will live there. I did meet them. No it is not a stay at home mom..not a homeschool family..not sure a Christian family. I often joke we will move to a farm and have our own sort of "compound"..where our kids live with their kids etc...I am hopeful that maybe instead of a "dying neighborhood or block" we can encourage others.

    I for one always say Merry Christmas as that is what I am celebrating. I had this discussion with my DH the other night. It IS Christmas. Yes there are other holidays being celebrated..but this is Christs birth. My 4 yr old said "happy holidays" to someone the other day at our gym...a middle age man turned and looked at us once outside and with a huge smile said "it's ok to say Merry christmas sometimes too" I said "I agree, Merry Christmas to you Sir"

    You are very Blessed!!!!!

  2. Keep on praying! It is amazing how an empty lot or house can be prayed over and the "right" people (not always necessarily Christian when they arrive, not always with children of the "right" age, etc) seem to move in.

    God is good to fulfill the desires of our heart. And, in time, He will send the perfect neighbors to you.

    Blessings to you in 2012, Anonymous!

  3. It's funny how we don't always see God's plan,but it's always the best way. I don't know why we fight it so much!

  4. Phoebe--Agreed! People are just feisty when it comes to being directed in ways they don't always understand. Letting God take over is submission done right!