Monday, August 8, 2011

So Blessed

Godparent.  In my world, that is a really powerful word.  And, this weekend, I was asked to step up to this duty.

You see, the latest member of Mom's side of the family is three months old.  And she brought her older sisters and her Mom and Dad all the way from Michigan to her Daddy's family reunion.  And while they were all staying with us, the question was popped.

My cousin was blessed to have my Mom as her Godmother.  And she and her husband felt it was only fitting that I continue the tradition for their youngest daughter.

Honored doesn't even begin to cover it, folks.  Yet, some of you are probably scratching your head because the only thing that resembles what I'm talking about is a mafioso family headed by Don "The Godfather" Corleone.

Sadly, the true concept of being a Godparent is often lost outside of liturgical churches.  Quite possibly, this is because infant baptism isn't the norm in that realm.  However, I find the symbolism of being a Godparent applicable to all candidates for baptism.

Here is what I promised when I said "yes" to this task:
With God's help, along with my cousin/her husband, I am responsible for seeing that baby girl is brought up in the Christian faith and life.  By my prayers and witness I will help her grow into the full stature of Christ.

I pledge to renounce Satan and all spiritual forces of wickedness that rebel against God, the evil powers of this world which corrupt and destroy the creatures of God, all sinful desires that draw me from the love of God, turn to Jesus Christ and accept him as my Savior, put my whole trust in his grace and love, and promise to follow and obey Christ as my Lord.

Being a Godparent gives you yet another reason to walk the straight and narrow.  It forges a bond between families that is girded in prayer and mutual love and concern for a child.  It allows the chance to be a life-changing witness to someone who was born into a world lost.

There was never any doubt in my mind that I would say anything but "yes" to this proposal.  On this day, I've added another sweet soul to the short list of children whom, as a Godmother, I lift in special prayer for their walk with Christ.

'Tis nothing sweeter.  Except maybe that little, grinny, toothless Godbaby of mine.

*This is my third time being asked and my fourth Godchild.  I am blessed beyond measure!

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