Sunday, February 14, 2010


Proclaims The Babe "When they shoot you through the heart with an arrow you are in love."

I ask "So has anybody shot YOU through the heart."

"No." He responds. With the emotion of a half-dead slug.

"Well." I ask hypothetically* "If you WERE shot by an arrow, who would you be in love with?"

"Nobody. Those flying guys can't make me."


"Yeah, them. They can't make me be in love with anybody."

So Happy Valentine's Day from the boy who refuses to take an arrow through the heart to find the love of his life. And his Mom, who prays, someday, he falls hopelessly in love with a wonderful Christian woman who wants to give birth to about a dozen grandchildren.


*Hypothetical situations are all but lost on boys. They can fantasize about a multitude of things, but put them in an emotional situation and ask them to think and they freeze up like an igloo.

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