Saturday, November 14, 2009

Women's Retreat?!

I must have somehow gone temporarily mad when I signed up for the women's retreat at my new church.

Actually, I was temporarily exhausted and at my wit's end with how we were going to go make fall happen in our house. At that point, I still couldn't wrap my mind around how our four adult arms and four adult legs were going to get everyone everywhere they needed to be. AND intact and sane, that is. I figured this would be my stretch goal: if I was still alive come November 13th, I owed it to myself to go on this retreat and relax.

I attempted, that ill-fated day, to convince one of the Moms I quasi-knew to join me. With hope in my heart that she'd be signing up the following, and last, weekend, I penned my name and handed over my credit card.

Turned out, my newish friend couldn't attend. I was completely on my own.

Now I know some people who would have taken this as a challenge and made up some game against themselves where they attempted to get to know five people they didn't know when they arrived on Friday.

Me? I'm kinda a one-trick pony. I generally like to go with a smallish group of people and stick kind of close. If I don't quickly find someone warming up to my warped personality, I engross myself in reading, writing, and napping. That's not all bad, but it certainly doesn't fit the concept behind the weekend.*

I'm going with the attitude "What the heck?" and, I'm sure, will get to know some of the other lovely ladies at the church. I'm not going to put myself full-out-there unless I've had at least one glass of liquid courage** OR so much chocolate I'm running on a pure sugar high.

So, I'm starting at the neighborhood Exxon. Where I intend to buy one of every kind of chocolate known to man.

I think that should probably do it. That and my bottle of Fetzer.....

*UNLESS, this happened to be a silent retreat. I checked. It isn't.

**The antithesis to my time in Baptist land? On our checklist of things to bring: a bottle of wine. Wine glass optional, but only to distinguish your fermented grapes from that of your neighbor. OH YEAH!


  1. Some of us left in Baptistland are still working on the fermented liquid of choice. Have fun!

  2. When I think of your personality, warped is not what comes to mind!!!

  3. Craig-we're having dinner with wine SOON.
    Leesa--over dinner, after one glass of wine, I want to know what DOES come to mind. :)