Friday, November 13, 2009

Poor Baby

BAM. CRASH. "Dang it!"*

That's the sound of me learning I was being pushed off the top of the "Best Mom Ever" trophy I THOUGHT I had previously earned title to.

That's the sound of me after I was told, by The Babe, that "You are not the best Mom in the world" along with the cousin statement, a brief three minutes later, "You are the worst Mom in the world".

What, pray tell, did I do to deserve such fierce commentary?

I didn't order overpriced Preschool pictures.

A few weeks earlier, we had been to Target to take his birthday photo. With the Preschool pictures being taken in late September, I also was looking at a budget that was replete with school expenses. I just didn't think having yet another set of photos I'd eventually have to distribute made ANY sense.**

According to the sob story I received, Mr. Nadaphoto was the only kid in class not to get a set of pictures. I guess the rest of the kids are first-borns, come from homes with bigger budgets, or are more adored than my kid. Pity him.

Once we got home, he wanted to see his Target pictures again. When I handed him one, these same pictures he so adored upon pick-up, he pronounced them "dumb" and said "everyone is going to laugh at these". I beg to differ.

No offense intended, Jesus, but I understand*** the Preschool pictures this year were taken in front of the Jesus statue. The one that is about two stories high with hands which are disproportionately large. Mike and I wonder how this bronze beauty made it through the initial phases of planning without someone going "GEEZ. What's up with the hands on that dude?"

Somehow, big-handed Jesus in the background of my kid's picture just doesn't work for the world's worst Mom. Finding this out made me DOUBLY glad I hadn't sent through the order.

The world's most neglected, unloved, photo-deprived child would disagree, though.

*That's a cleaned up version of what I would actually say.

**Yes. You are right. You haven't received your picture yet. It should be coming with the Christmas card. If you want it earlier next time, you'll have to come to Target WITH me when I pick them up.

***With The Babe as my source, how could this be wrong?