Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Super Fly

Doug has managed to wrangle himself a fly. A BIG fly. The type that makes so much noise trying to get to the other side of the glass that you get annoyed by the sound. The type that make you wonder "Fly! Dude! Did you not get it the first 3,245tries? Really, it's GLASS. Buzzing near it doesn't make it magically disappear so you can escape."

We're talking the kind that bother the rear ends of horses named Buttercup. Or Champ. Or Steve. Flies like this are indiscriminate. If something smells like poo, they are all over it.

But, thankfully, for dogs like Doug, these flies are sometimes stupid and/or lazy. I think this one was lazy. It landed on the floor, for crumb-sake.

Once there, Doug pounced with a ferocity generally reserved for smallish lions playing with scorpions. He'd throw his paw on the thing then back off quickly with a "What was that?" look about him. Seems the buzzing was throwing off his groove.

When the fly managed to limp/walk underneath one of the kid's backpacks, Doug took to shoving his nose where it wasn't wanted. Again, buzzing. Seems buzzing around a dog's nose is annoying to a dog.

But, Doug, like a matador being charged by a bloodied bull full of banderilleros for the umpteenth time, wasn't about to give up his prize. When the fly got disoriented and wandered from beneath the backpack, Doug conquered his trophy one last time.

"Take this, buzzing bug!" He seemed to say.

Then he ate the darn thing. Buzzing and all.

In retrospect, I have to question my own lack of common sense in watching this whole, sordid, murder-in-my-home play out.

I mean, really? Has life come to this? Entertained by a dog and a fly.

I guess, for today, it has.



  1. OMG!! Well, I guess you got rid of a pest and Doug got an appetizer?!?!?! WOW.

  2. He's also been know to mess with the wood roaches that were part of the renovation of the kid's bathroom. That is most definitely better extermination, in my mind's eye.