Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shopping for Christmas

Lest you think I made this up, let me give credit where it is due--to a clothing company--for its amazing rendition of "holiday" cheer:

Two, Four, Six, Eight, now's the time to liberate
Go Christmas, Go Hanukkah, Go Kwanza, Go Solstice.
Go classic tree, go plastic tree, go plant a tree, go add a tree,
You 86 the rules, you do what feels just right.
Happy do whatever you wanukkah, and to all a cheery night.

Go Christmas, Go Hanukkah, go whatever holiday you wanukkah.

WOW! Are you cathching this? It's the ultimate "Do whatever makes you feel good this holiday season." NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, if off limits.

Is it just me, or has the liberal agenda attacked Christmas?????

The actual commercial features a large group of cheerleader-types dancing and singing, not at all out-of-breath, being all happy-clappy.* It is actually an appealing commercial, which makes it all the more insidious.

So, fair blogger friends, why would I spend precious blogging time on this?

Because it is just another slight erosion of Christmas. And they seem to be coming fast and hard these past few years.

If you look around you'll see many stores have dumped the term "Christmas" from all their advertising, choosing the generic term "Holiday". Or, in this case "Wannukah".

If this weren't such a trend, I wouldn't even mention it. But it has become quite alarming to me that those of us who fill the coffers of these major retail giants are being told our Christmas celebrations don't matter any more. And, the saddest part? We're taking it without a peep.

I would encourage you to really look around this year and make a stand for Christianity. Don't shop at stores who refuse to acknowledge that Christmas is the holiday in December. If they want to throw Hannukah in there, fine. I'm all for preserving the REAL holidays. But, when they decide Christmas can be thrown out, like the baby with the bath water, we fine Christians should let our money do the talking.

By the way, the retailer whose marketing department is so liberal, so "liberating", so anti-anything establishment? The comglomerate that is Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic stores.

For shame.


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  1. Right on! Kwaanza is a made-up holiday, and I've talked to Jews who actually get offended at the secular society's trumping up of Hanukkah. I'm hardly an expert on Judaism, but I've been told it's a relatively minor holiday. And Solstice - PLEASE! Celebrating that went out with the Romans.

    Companies are trying to have their cake and eat it too. They want the $$ the Christmas season brings in without acknowledging it as Christmas.