Friday, May 4, 2012

Birth of a Business

Somewhere, someone told me that the end of the year, end of the grammar school beginning of logic/rhetoric school, trip was a really great way to teach Nickels a bit of responsibility.  Responsibility in earning his own money to finance the event.

And, being one of those Moms who latches onto an idea and runs full speed with it, I took the challenge personally.  And I suggested we finally do something with that latent notion that I should cook, not just for the fun of it or because it is a handy way to keep from starving to death.

Much to my delight, surprise and pleasure, Nickels signed on with glee.

And, thus was born the concept of "MommaJ and Sons Kinda Catering".

We are kinda caterers because we aren't cooking for the general population.  I didn't think we should advertise as though we are professionals who actually have culinary skills, nor do I want people to think we are trying to pull down 50K a month.

In fact, we don't claim to have much more than common sense and good recipes.  We only aspire to cook for our close friends and family.  And, at this point, only for a cause.

Our first cause, of course, is getting Nickels debt-free going into his sixth grade day trip.  And, since he is going on 13 and we've already put a bug in his ear that used cars and insurance aren't cheap, I imagine there may be more pies and cakes for the offering in the future.

The kids have, in their minds, already put out a shingle with our names and the word "restaurant" behind it.  They aren't that far from where I was at their age, imagining a lunch crowd set up on folding tables, being served grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup that my Mom would make.  And, when you add to the equation the fact that my biological Dad was a chef, I don't think any of us fell into dreaming about cooking for others by accident.

Tonight we attempted our first gluten-free version of the family carrot cake.  Nickels chopped carrots, The Babe stirred the eggs when he wasn't dancing to Justin Bieber, and I supervised and put all the ingredients together while we waited for Hooman to arrive home from baseball and for Mike to return from the MAVS game.

I honestly can't imagine any place I'd have rather been, anything I'd have rather been doing, or people I would have enjoyed spending time with more.  It was pure joy.  And I said just that and the boys echoed the sentiment back.

Who knows where this will go.  We'll see where we stand once we fill the orders that have already come in. 

But, in the meantime?  It sure is fun to dream.

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