Saturday, January 7, 2012

I have discovered...

that it feels better to ask forgiveness than wallow in anger.

that I DO have a tipping point where my weight feels out of control.  I hit it this week.

that I am capable of loving someone, right where they are, even if they've repeatedly disappointed me.

that I can gently convince Mike, in the middle of his sleep, that he needs to roll over.  Never underestimate the power of the mighty elbow.

that when I'm impatient and hurried and thinking only of myself that I will inevitably be behind the car without a muffler, in a traffic jam, in the middle of a downpour.

that my best friends aren't always the ones who are around all the time, but the ones I speak to every few weeks or months.  Conversations after an absence are deeper and sweeter and more meaningful.

that having rats under my house gives me permission to buy that pink BB gun I saw at Academy.

that the best recipes aren't always the ones that include fancy ingredients with funny names.  Velveeta and cheap macaroni that reminds me of my childhood tastes infinitely better than Chateaubriand.

that homemade popcorn and a Redbox movie with my love is just as satisfying as actually going to the movies.  And, it's about $50 cheaper, when I factor in the babysitting.

that helping with homework in my forties is so much more frustrating than homework from when I was actually IN elementary school.  But, I wouldn't miss the chance to teach my own children for the world.

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