Monday, November 9, 2009

Removing Mascara the Old-Fashioned Way

A couple of summers ago a friend loaned me a book with a really cute puppy on the cover. She gave it a glowing recommendation.

It sat on my bedside table for several weeks before being moved into a drawer during some "cleaning" frenzy*. When it finally resurfaced, several months later, I gave up on the idea of reading it since it had become a movie. I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and go see the movie.

Then the movie completed its run on the big screen and went to DVD. I still hadn't seen it.

Until tonight. When I had the absolutely brilliant idea to rent "Marley and Me".

Let's just say I have rarely cried so hard in my life. At one point in the movie, the little kids were saying goodbye to their dog and one of the kids had a "lamby". Well, one of the Nowell boys owns a "lamby"; I friggin' lost two pounds of my body weight boo-hooing at that one scene.

It got so bad, Mike thought I had fallen asleep. I informed him it just LOOKED like I had fallen into slumber because that's how swollen my eyes were.

I decided to go for broke and break every capillary in the sensitive area around my eyes by completing the entire movie. Should provide a really attractive look for our anniversary celebration tomorrow.

Truly, there are some movies you can only emotionally handle once, movies like "Schindler's List" or "The Passion of the Christ". Not that "Marley and Me" is going to win any Oscars, or is anywhere as deep or important as the others, but it is a tear-jerker in the same league, if you've ever owned a dog you loved.

Once the movie was over, I decided I needed a fix of something that would not, in any way, make me cry. I yearned for time to recover before I put myself through something like that again. I also needed several hours with steeped tea bags over my eyes for the swelling to dissipate.

I've got my sights set on "Drag Me to Hell".

Now, if I can just figure out how to convince Mike**.....

*It likely went straight into the drawer covered with dust, so I'm not sure I can really call this "cleaning".

**I would NEVER, in a million years, call my husband a WUSS, but he doesn't watch horror movies like normal people. He continually has one hand, sometimes both, close to his face, so to quickly cover his eyes, only to open his fingers slightly to "partially" see what's on the screen. I still haven't figured out how his arms don't cramp.

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