Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Fairy

"Grandma is going to have chemotherapy."
"What's that?" asks The Babe.
"It's medicine that attacks cells that aren't nice."
"Is the chemoFAIRY going to make her all better?"
"Honey, it's chemoTHERAPY."
"Oh, never mind."
"Well, is the fairy going to get her better?"
"We sure are praying that it does, buddy."

I love that my littlest guy thinks a fairy is going to visit his Grandma and make her all better. It's just so sweet my teeth feel violated.

When I think about a little Tinkerbell, coming down and waving her magic wand around Mom and making the cells go away, it makes me smile.

I imagine, when The Babe prays and asks God to help Grandma get better, that he is thinking about that Fairy.

You know, I'm not above letting a Fairy do the work. Of course, I prefer to think of Angels working with Mom's cancer, but I'm not going to get in the middle of a perfectly good four-year-old interpretation.

God works in strange ways sometimes. If he wants to send a gnome to work with the cancer, I'll gladly invite him over for lunch to thank him. I'm for whatever works here.

Angels? Gnomes? Fairies? Bring it!

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